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We offer you paid ads every day. Each ad is worth anything between $0.0005 to $0.001 per click. But you can increase the value of every click by purchasing our advert service to become an advertiser.

When you promote your business brand or website with us as an advertiser, the value of your ad click increases based on the worth of your investment. You get 100% value for your advertisment as we promote your ads to viewers and reward them for viewing your ad. Our system guarantees that ads cannot be neglected by users who wished to earn money by viewing them.

As an advertiser, you get up to 0.6% profit in a day for viewing ad in a regular time frame for up to 30 days. That is, you make up to 20% profit from your ad investment. Below is an example of your income flow as an advertiser.

Default ad value $0.0005 / click
Your ad inv. $20
New ad value $0.2 / click
Your inv. profit $6
Total Return $26

The value of income per ad click is solely based on the worth of an advertisment and will vary in real life per ad click which may not be exactly equivalent to the "new ad value" shown on the table above.

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